Thursday, January 17, 2008

Last week

With about a week to go in our trip, we are winding up work at the two schools tomorrow and then heading out to Nueva Suyapa on Saturday to hear about the work going on in this development community and to do some activities with the children who live there and then stay overnight with families.

Monday we will say goodbye to our Tegus families and spend a couple days together as a group at Lago de Yajoa and Villa Gracia before we head off to the Airport on Wednesday morning.

The new pictures posted are: 1 & 2 Proyecto Manuelito-- an orphanage in Talanga, 3 Valle de Angeles--a town with lots of good shopping for tourists, 4 Our travel bus, 5 Visiting the ruins of Copan early in the morning, 6 Working at the Kingdom School, 7 In Copan in one of the three wheel taxis, 8 At the banana plantation, and 9 Working at Kingdom School

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